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Pearl Nourishing Moisturizer

beautifies the skin by providing moisture and proteins, which enhance elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, youthful appearance. It is specially formulated with pearl powder and a blend of Chinese herbs in an oil-free fruit base. It spreads well and can be applied under make-up. NO harmful chemicals, ingredients, or animal testing are used with this uniquely natural product.
DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, apply a small amount on the face and spread in a circular motion.
Ingredients: Fruit base, Pearl Powder, hong hua, ginseng, bohe, luhu, haunquin, baihua.

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WellBeing...Timeless Australian Collectables
Issues #70, #71, #72, #73, #76
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Issue #70

-Solo in Yunnan: The lone journey of a female cyclist through China's fascinating Yunnan province.
-Fat Loss and the Insulin Factor: Commit yourself to good health and follow a few basic guidelines and you may find yourself full of energy and free of excess fat.
-Five Tibetans: Refuel your energy reserves and unleash your dormant potential for physical and mental vitality with this article-a series of simple exercises that only take 10 minutes to complete.
-Instructions for Workaholics: A few minutes' relaxation each day, doing something that feeds your soul and clears your mind, can make a great deal of difference to your general well-being.
-Three Dimensions of Beauty: The ancient sages of India believe there are three dimensions to beauty. Alankara is the superficial beauty, that so many desparately try to improve and preserve. Guna is character, which is determined at birth but is nurtured and developed through adulthood and Rasa, the third deminsion, is attained when the spirit has matured through the experience and emotions of the adult. Also learn the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic signs in facial features.
-The Power of Music: Music influences the milieu of society. Research has also shown that certain types of music, such as Gregorian chants, can improve physical, mental and spiritual health.
-Dying to Live: Death. Dead. Dying. These seem to be forbidden words in western culture. However, as the author reveals, if we do not embrace the notion of death, we can never fully appreciate life and the wonders that it brings.
-Zen and the Art of Banana: This is a photo essay illustrating the traditional banana paper making process, introduced to Australia by the Japanese zen priest, Genzan Kosaka.
-Hormone Disruptors: This article explores the potentially catastrophic effects of man-made chemicals and offers advice on how to avoid them.
-Fatigue Busters: Do you lack vitality? Wake up feeling tired? Struggle through the day feeling like a car low on gas? Try a few of the nutrition suggestions that may help you to increase your mental and physical drive.
-Living with Colour: The colours you use in your home can reflect your personality and lifestyle. Explore how different colours can affect your state of mind and learn how to create the type of environment you want.
-Germs and Disease: Germs can cause disease. However, many viruses, such as the rabies virus, can be found living in perfectly healthy people and are incapable of causing disease. Why? Are germs the primary cause of disease or merely a secondary factor?
-Plants and Poisons: Indigenous cultures have been utilizing the vast resource of medicinal plants found in rainforests for thousands of years. These cultures pass their valuable knowledge of the plants down through the generations and Australia's aborigines are no exception. However, with the continuing destruction of the rainforests and the traditional way of life, much of this knowledge and rare life-saving species are being lost, forever.
-Hot Tomato: Lycopene, a pigment found in tomatoes, has been found to greatly reduce the likelihood of developing several types of cancer and other diseases. Enjoy the easy-to-prepare tomato based recipes that will delight your tastebuds and boost your health.
-Essential Essentials: Aromatherapy is one of the fastest growing natural therapies. Most oils have a delicious aroma and are relatively easy to use. However, there are a few dangers of which the new enthusiast is usually unaware. Learn how to properly use essential oils, so you can avoid the possible dangers and obtain the maximum benefits. Includes oils for epileptics to avoid, oils to avoid during pregnancy and a suggested first aid procedure if oils are swallowed, split undiluted on the skin or rubbed into the eyes.

Issue #71

-Forever Young: New info on how to preserve youth and vitality.
-Gorillas in the Midst: First-hand account of a mountain gorilla family in Rwanda.
-Mashed Potato: genetically engineered vs. natural.
-4 Minute Stress Relief: Designed to help relax or relieve headaches with therapeutic benefits.
-Natural Birth: Remedies and relief through natural therapies.
-Nutrition and the Mind: Shows the direct connection between what we eat and brain function.
-Jet Lag: A few suggestions for your next trip to make it more enjoyable.
-Perfect Posture: Some simple stretches and correct posture poses.
-The Fire of Digestion: Learn how to restore an abnormal Agni.
-Prostapause-Male Menopause: Discover what happens to men's bodies through the years, and what their requirements are.
-Anger: Read this checklist to determine if you are hiding anger.
-Mysticism & Medicine in Papua New Guinea: Over 700 tribes support some of the most precious flora and fauna in the world.
-Your Liver is the Key: The liver is a vital organ in every aspect of the body's function. Learn how to support its functions and aid in health maintenance.
.-The World of Vegan Cuisine: Delicious recipes from around the world.
-Healing the Real Self: Learn how to activate and enjoy your real self instead of projecting a false self.
-12 Exercises to Avoid: Learn the best to avoid.
-Palm Reading: Offers a fascinating insight into your and others psyches.
-Natural Relief from Cystitis: Learn common causes and a few basic practices that may help relieve symptoms and prevent UTIs.
-The Tide of Life: Craniosacral therapy gently enhances the ebb and flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Issue #72

-Gum Tree Pharmacy: the most widely planted hardwood in the world...and all of its uses.
-Witches of La Paz: insight into the beliefs of the Aymara of Bolivia, in particular the 'witches' who combine Incan and Aymaran traditions with Spanish influence.
-Indoor Plants for Clean Air: we spend up to 90% of our time indoors where you can be affected by outgassing of office and household equipment. there is a powerful alternative! the humble house-plant.
-Tiger: An informative reminder of the status of this amazing creature and its unknown future!
-Healing 'Incurable' Diseases: the Gerson therapy is used to treat uncurable diseases.
-Toxic Chemicals in Food: 1st hand impressions from a horticulturalist concerning chemical residues on foods and their long term effects.
-Can Breaking Up Be Good For You?: The importance of working through the ending of relationships to prevent future ties being affected by baggage.
-Japanese Acupuncture: This is one of many styles of this art, noted for comfort with intensions of harmonizing 'ki'.
-High Blood Pressure: Hypertension is commonly influenced by stress. This explores the outcome of exhausted adrenal glands and heightened BP.
-Loneliness: A common feeling in today's world of self-sufficiency, can be frequently overwhelming.
-Pilates: A combo of eastern and western exercise methods originally utilized by dancers but quickly taken up by athletes, swimmers, and others for its ability to add flexibility and strength while isolating injury.
-Kitchen Therapy Backed by Science: the healing power of ginger and its many uses in the kitchen and medicine cabinet.
-The Power of Mantra: Learn and understanding of the core mantra and its effects on sound and thought.
-The Usual Suspects: Remedies for winter ailments; learn to strengthen your immune systems to avoid catching a cold. remedies for sore throats, etc.
-Leaky Gut Syndrome: Tell-tale signs of the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers and even cancers; candida.
-Mental Illness and Food Allergies: causes of anxiety and a look in to cravings and their causes.
-Vitamin C Revisited: commonly know to prevent and treat the cold, also helps in prevention of a range of diseases.

Issue #73

-Male Vitality: Here are some of the latest strategies ,for preventing heart and prostrate disease...and ways to keep your hair.
-Kakadu Dreaming: This story captures the true essence of this mysterious region.
-New "Buzz" Hormones: Melatonin, DHEA, progeserone, pregnelone---these are all natural hormones that restore youth and vitality...but, should they be used with caution??
-How Your Body Can Cope With Stress: useful tips to improve the way you cope with stress.
-Low-waste Gardens: Saves time and money and the environment!
-Shadow Games: Exploring the 'dark' side of your personality and understanding what it brings to your life.
-Waters of Life: Details of the importance of water as well as the quality of the water you drink and how the harmful agents can affect your health.
-Stormy Waters Ahead: A look in to protecting the oceans from overfishing, pollution and coastal development.
-Warrior Meditation Sequence: A simple yoga sequence to contract your inner warrior to face fears and find inner strengths.
-All Natural Diet: A simple eating technique which allows you to have your cake and (sometimes) eat it too!
-The Quest for Solitude: One man's experience at a Vipassana Meditation Retreat... 10 days of not talking, but lots of peace and quiet!
-Natural Relief for Herpes: Natural remedies to provide relief for this incurable disease.
-Zero Balancing: A relatively new therapy used by various practitioners. it uses specific techniques to balance energy and improve physical structure.
-How to Avoid Computer Headaches: Simple exercise to improve workstation posture and minimize computer headaches.
-Colorpuncture: the healing power of light: Loosely described as an extended form of acupuncture, using colored light instead of needles. It aims to eliminate with color and light, the root cause of illness, not just symptoms.
-Understanding the Chakras: Learn how to strengthen your internal energy centers and renew vitality through understanding the importance of chakras, human energy systems, and how their function directly effects health.
-Breads of the World: Details the history and nutritional value of different breads from around the world. Recipes included.
-Mercury Amalgam: Find out why many countries have strict laws concerning the use of mercury amalgam, the preferred filling method for many Australian dentists.
-Lignans: the best of the designer foods: Lignans are a component in plants that have the capacity to modify hormones, reduce menopausal symptoms, benefit the immune system, prevent heart disease and reduce constipation.

Issue #76

MACHU PICCHU: Exploring the extraordinary archaeological site, departed by the Incan Empire after the Spanish invasion in the fifteenth century.
STAY YOUNGER LONGER: The five biomakers of aging and how to conserve your youthfulness, vitality and vigour using diet and lifestyle.
WHAT'S EATING OUR KIDS?: Identifying food allergies and sensitivities and how to overcome them. Concentrates on how food allergies affect children, causing them to display symptoms similar to ADD.
YEAR 2000 - JUST WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?: Looking past the hype and jargon, just what is the year 2000 problem and how soon will it affect your everyday life?
WATER WORKS: Incontinence - how to avoid embarrassment and rectify the problem.
MICRO MINERALS: Signs of deficiency of the trace minerals chromium, boron and lithium. How you can improve your health by ensuring their presence in your diet.
SELF AWARENESS: How to choose a suitable therapist for peak mental health and healing.
ROSE - QUEEN OF FLOWERS: No flower has been spoken of so much in literature, poetry, love and medicine. Includes beauty recipes.
HEALTHY HEARTS: The great health paradox: why half the people with coronary heart disease do not have any of the major risk factors.
POWER GAMES: Developing harmonious, satisfying relationships.
EMMA & BEYOND: A reader's remarkable recall of a past life.
HARMONIOUS HOME DESIGN: Like Feng Shui, this Indian tradition describes the practical benefits of the Vedic archeitectural science.
MONDAYITIS: Are you 'sick' of your job? How to get out or get on with it. BROOME TIME: Once the heart of the pearl industry, Broome is now a sleepy town with perfectly preserved heritage buildings and pristine.
SLUGS, LEECHES, SNAILS & OTHER BIZARRE MEDICINAL TRADITIONS: Unique, and sometimes outrageous, healing practices from around the world.
GREEN TAXES: Creating a sustainable future by levying taxes on polluters. SEEDS FOR VITALITY: A source of protein and vitamins, seeds are a valuable addition to any diet. Includes recipes from around the world.
GREENLINES: Genetic engineering and environmental issues.
ANSWERS TO PSORIASIS: New solutions to the auto-immune skin condition, psoriasis, a disorder that affects close to 400,000 Australians.
NEWSLINES: Health care, pregnancy, prostate treatment, marathon runners. TONGUE PLAQUE: How you can eliminate bad breath with tongue cleaning.
IT'S GARLIC...IT'S GOOD!: Details the myriad uses of garlic, including the role of garlic supplements.
EASY, EFFORTLESS EXERCISES: Stretches for dedicated slouches and regular computer users.
DIGGING IN: Glorious balconies and patios.
BACK TO BASICS: Thyroid deficiency.
CASEBOOK: When a determined doctor gets cancer.
KITCHEN QUIPS: Quick and easy recipes.
NATURAL BEAUTY: Treating blackheads.
STARGAZING: Sitting in the fire.
HERBAL NOTEBOOK: Cleanse your lymphatic system, rid your body of long-term toxic material and stimulate your kidneys with the potent herb, burdock.
GREEN ALERT: Genetic engineering update.
BOOKLOVERS' CORNER: Health, personal growth and the environment.